Semcac Head Start Director

  • Full Time
  • Rushford MN
  • May 31, 2021

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The position leads the administration of Semcac Head Start to reach its goals and ensures a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children, families and staff in the program. This is a full-time, 12-month appointment. 


General Duties of All Head Start staff
·         Respect and respond competently to the culture, traditions, lifestyle, language, and values of each family and community.
·         Honor the program’s Code of Conduct.

·         Participate in recruitment plans to reach eligible families and achieve enrollment goals, including children with special needs.
·         Represent Head Start in the community and support effective community partnerships while advocating for Head Start families.
·         Represent Semcac to promote excellent public relations and build awareness of the program’s contributions to local communities.
·         The awareness and ability to convey the importance of diversity and equity within our programs, and communities.

·         Maintain strict confidentiality concerning children, families, staff and agency matters.
·         Serve as a mandated reporter of suspected abuse or neglect to proper authorities.
·         Contribute to effective program practices and maintain a commitment to professionalism.
·         Submit reports, oral and/or written, as assigned. 
·         Participate actively in all required professional development and training. 

·         Participates in ongoing Reflective Practice to promote positive well-being and mental health in support of staff and program participants.

·         Assure compliance with all federal and state regulations, Head Start Performance Standards, and Semcac policies and procedures.

·         Other duties may be assigned.


Management and Administration

·         Directs appropriate short- and long-term program planning to include the development and conduct of: the Self-Assessment, the Community Assessment, Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan (APP) and Program Plans, the Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection and Enrollment (ERSE) Plan, and Professional Development Plan in compliance with Head Start Performance Standards. 

·         The awareness and ability to convey the importance of diversity and equity within our programs, communities, and training systems..


·         Updates and implements successfully Program Design and Management Work Plan in conjunction with Policy Council and Semcac Board to meet program goals and objectives through shared governance.

·         Develops the annual program budget to support effective implementation of program plans.  Builds budget(s) from information provided by funding sources, Coordinators, Policy Council and Semcac Board.  Monitors the financial resources and provides regular reports to Policy Council and Board.  Ensures that matching funds required by the Federal grant are contributed and the match is met.

·         Secures federal and state resources while seeking alternative resources and grants to support program objectives.  Responsible for ensuring all funding source requirements are met, and reporting is completed.

·         Oversees the development and maintenance of a comprehensive data management system.

·         Oversees and develops policies and procedures (P&Ps) that directly support quality services.

·         Oversees professional consultant contracts to ensure the proper delivery of technical services consistent with Program Plans.  Completes or directs necessary paperwork and reports according to P&Ps.

·         Supervises and works with Semcac Head Start Leadership Team.

·         Develops and maintains effective open communication systems with staff and all stakeholders to ensure participation, as appropriate, in program planning and decision-making.



·         Conducts relevant research and shares accordingly to inform decision-making and planning, as well as to keep current on latest component regulations and guidance from relevant federal and state sources. 

·         Reviews evaluations and feedback for trends for new opportunities or improvement.  Discusses recommendations with program Leadership Team, and carries forward to Policy Council and Board as appropriate.

·         Conducts observations of staff and site operations to ensure program quality.  Completes necessary documentation, follow-through and information sharing as appropriate to support and mentor staff in a continuous improvement of program operations and services.

·         Leads development and organization of staff learning communities, and professional development opportunities,, by providing training and technical assistance consistent with Performance Standards, and DHS licensing requirements.   Follows-up on training evaluations to ensure program and staff needs are met.

·         Meets with Semcac Department Directors to contribute to Agency planning and implementation.  Serves on work groups as appropriate to meet Agency goals.



·         Ensures, as the lead contact for the program, effective relationships with all members of Policy Council and Board.  Examples include preparing for and participating in meetings.

·         Provides leadership in establishing trusting relationships with families participating in the program.

·         Establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with staff, counterparts and partners.  Through these relationships, promotes an understanding of the program and agency goals, objectives and contributions to families and communities.

·         Advocates for families and their needs, engaging appropriate contacts as needed so that families receive the services they need.  Examples include active participation with regional and state Head Start associations, county public services, school districts, and media communication.

·         Responsible for maintaining an open and reciprocal communication system with staff, participants, Policy Council, supervisor, community partners and governing board. –



·         Supervises assigned staff, managing employee performance to meet program objectives.  Responsibilities include hiring, orientation, establishing clear expectations and work directions, professional development and mentoring, and time accountability in compliance with Semcac and Head Start P&Ps. 

·         Provides independent work direction and/or technical guidance to relevant staff per the organizational structure to ensure program quality. Assists direct supervisor with effective performance management, such as providing orientation and training, identifying and following-up on concerns according to P&Ps.

·         Keeps Executive Director informed of successes and challenges, and pertinent information about program operations.

·         Represents and advocates for staff in program and agency decision-making process.  

·         Sets the tone for a positive program culture that is inclusive and respectful of diverse work styles and personal backgrounds, based on program philosophy and values.

·         Supervises the Head Start Leadership Team.



The Director has the discretion to act independently in the day-to-day conduct of the above responsibilities unless otherwise requested by the Executive Director.  Judgment will be exercised as to when to inform and involve the Executive Director, based on his/her guidelines.  Sound judgment will involve assessing, planning, and evaluating new and uncertain situations.  The position also will lead the Semcac Head Start Leadership Team, which is composed of Program Coordinators.


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