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   Center Manager II
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Head Start
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The mission of Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is to provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for people and communities.


The Center Manager leads, manages and coordinates the development of program options for the local service area, which may include Region V, XII, and Early Head Start programs as well as Childcare/Early Childhood collaborations, to assure quality services for children and families which comply with Head Start Performance Standards, state regulations and Tri-Valley policies.  The Center Manager assures integrated services from all local teams and/or agencies as well as support services.  The Center Manager is Tri-Valley’s legal representative for all center activities and services, which are funded through the corporation.  The Center Manager ensures that all center staff is adequately supervised.  Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families.



Compensation Leadership

1.       Provides vision for the center, which includes meeting family needs, exceeding performance standards and other regulations while providing an optimal work environment.

2.       Coordinates planning and evaluation to facilitate progress toward the vision.

3.       Develops problem-solving strategies for the operation and improvement of center programs.

4.       Develops and approves local policies/procedures when needed and which do not conflict with program or Tri-Valley policies/procedures.

5.       Represents the Head Start/Family Service center in the community and with other agencies.

6.       Supports local parent ownership, particularly through consultation with the center parent committee.

7.       Ensures that a comprehensive assessment is completed yearly.

8.       Incorporates results of community assessment into center planning.

9.       Develops dual/multi-program plan for transitions regarding program operations, i.e.: Region V, XII, and Early Head Start.

10.   Reports program concerns and areas of weakness to supervisor.  Proposes potential remedies and collaborates with supervisor to resolve.


Community Assessment and Relations

1.       Ensures that up-to-date community assessments are maintained for the overall region and local communities of eligible clients.  This includes determining and documenting the characteristics, needs and resources of communities when and where services are not currently offered and assisting existing service locations in doing the same.

2.       Interviews potential clients to determine eligibility and/or obtain information that will assist in planning services to meet their needs.

3.       Initiates and maintains contacts with community employers, organizations and groups to promote understanding of the Head Start program, obtains information that will assist in planning services and advocate for clients in order to meet their needs.

4.       Develops and documents partnerships with service agencies and other Head Start grantees to enhance services during and after the operation of local service locations.

5.       Cooperates with local communities to improve program design at existing locations and establishes new locations and service models that best meet the needs of eligible populations.

6.       Works with the Program Design Manager to develop program options to meet parent/community needs.



1.       Develops center budgets with the involvement of parents, center staff, and administrative staff.

2.       Manages center fund systems effectively, utilizing the budget as a management tool.

3.       Oversees purchasing and procurement for the Center and assures an accurate, current and secure center inventory.

4.       Assures that fiscal procedures follow Tri-Valley guidelines and that forms/reports are completed and submitted in an accurate and timely manner.



1.       Assures systems for recruitment, hiring and retention of center personnel, which plan for staff and parent involvement.

2.       Assures that immediate supervisors complete performance appraisals with input from other appropriate sources.

3.       Designates lead staff members with general responsibility for disabilities, parent involvement, and transportation and other areas as needed, specifying expectations and outcomes.

4.       Coordinates job assignments, orientation and on-going training for center personnel needs.

5.       Coordinates work schedules (breaks, lunch, planning) and staffing needs.

6.       Promotes positive staff relations and mediates conflicts.

7.       Assures the personnel paperwork is completed in an accurate and timely manner.

8.       Assures all required training is completed.



1.       Assures that facilities for program operation and storage meet the program’s needs.

2.       Assists with food service program so the child’s needs and program regulations are met.

3.       Assures that transportation services and staffing provide for child safety and meet program regulations.

4.       Arranges for custodial services which meet child and program needs.

5.       Assures that suspected child abuse/neglect reports are confidential and comply with legal and agency procedures.

6.       Coordinates with the headquarters office and local agencies to assure referrals and follow-through for unmet needs.

7.       Assures the effective transition for children and families coming into and leaving the Head Start program.

8.       Ensures up-to-date and accurate inventory is maintained.

9.       Ensures requested reports, files and other documentation is provided to as requested.



1.       Assures day-to-day communication and cooperation among personnel.

2.       Directs and plans for integrated services by involving all staff in maintaining up-to-date knowledge about service delivery.

3.       Develops procedures for assuring program and family communication, which include Staffing and Family Progress and Planning meetings.

4.       Coordinates integrated activities and services such as registration, parent meetings, food service, transportation, etc.

5.       Coordinates center communication to ensure that parents are informed and involved in program policies and activities.

6.       Coordinates with partner programs such as Title 1 Migrant Education and other agencies.

7.       Assures that program maintains files and records on provided services as directed.

8.       Ensures the coordination of families and children needing special services due to special needs.

9.       Determines, conducts and/or coordinates training and technical assistance for staff and parents.

10.   Maintains a resource library for training purposes.

11.   Maintains current staff training records.

12.   Coordinates effective communication with the non-Head Start programs/personnel sharing the facility.


Resource Development

1.       Identifies and utilizes appropriate resources to enhance quality of program service for families.

2.       Develops knowledge regarding the communities served by the program.


Supervisor and Leadership

1.       Ensures quality services are provided by their staff; provides comprehensive training on duties, responsibilities and expectations of the position; offering continued support, guidance and resources as needed to be successful.

2.       Monitors staff performance, providing positive and negative feedback in a timely manner. Conducts annual performance appraisals, supports staff in defining and meeting goals and professional development needs.

3.       Addresses performance concerns in a timely manner, holding staff accountable for their actions. Offers constructive feedback, clear expectations, and necessary support to promote a positive outcome. Seeks assistance from management and the Human Resources Director as needed to ensure staff are given sufficient support in meeting the expectations of their position.

4.       Communicates and enforces the expectation of a professional and positive work environment, treating everyone with respect.

5.       Leading by example, energizes and encourages staff to commit to excellence; empowering them to succeed, making each day a positive experience for themselves and others.

6.       Provides solid, unified, positive leadership for staff in times of challenge or change; displaying support and confidence, adapting priorities and focus as needed.

7.       Effectively plans short- and long-term goals for success; personally, and for the work group.

8.       Effectively manages multiple projects, commitments, and the work produced by staff; ensuring deadlines are met and quality of work meets expectations.

9.       Ensures a safe, positive and productive work environment is provided to staff.



1.       Maintains confidentiality of all client and employee information encountered.

2.       Displays a positive attitude and presence; is motivated to do their best.

3.       Builds professional work relationships; fosters a teamwork approach regardless of role or level of interaction.

4.       Professionally interacts with co-workers and supervisor, treating everyone with respect; supports the decisions of management and contributions of others.

5.       Regularly attends work as position requires; provides notice as expected when time off is requested or necessary. Is punctual for work, meetings, and appointments.

6.       Produces quality work, taking the initiative to complete duties with minimal supervision. Meets expectations and deadlines, asking for clarification and guidance as needed.

7.       Complies with Corporate Policy Manual, Corporate Safety Policies and Procedures and applicable program or department specific policies, procedures, regulations and standards; seeking clarification as needed; reports unsafe or illegal actions; and understands they will be held accountable for their actions.

8.       Adapts to and supports changes made to improve systems and services. Pursues different approaches, is flexible, offers suggestions and maintains an open mind to the ideas of others.

9.       Displays fluid time management skills; simultaneously works on multiple projects and duties within strict time constraints.

10.   Supports the mission of Tri-Valley; is knowledgeable of, supports and promotes Tri-Valley programs and services.



1.       Associate degree or 2 years equivalent experience in early childhood education, public or community health, social work, management or another field directly related to the responsibilities of the position.

2.       One-year experience supervising two or more staff.

3.       One-year experience promoting adult learning.

4.       One-year experience working in a leadership or management position.

5.       Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.

6.       Proof of valid driver’s license and current/adequate vehicle insurance coverage



1.       Ability to communicate fluently in English and Spanish, verbally and in writing.

2.       BS degree in Early Childhood Education, Public or Community Health, Social Work, Management or related field.

3.       One-year experience working in a Head Start program.

4.       Comprehensive knowledge of the community and its resources.

5.       Familiar with Mexican/American, Migrant families cultures and lifestyles.

6.       Two years of experience managing a budget for an organization or activity.



To ensure the safety and well-being of Tri-Valley employees, physical and mental demands have been identified, as well as the likelihood of hazards and exposure levels relative to this position. Precautionary measures are in place to reduce or eliminate injury and illness; employees are expected to follow to ensure their personal safety and safety of others. Reasonable accommodations may be available. This position requires:

1.       Significant driving of personal or program vehicle, requiring acute awareness of surroundings, continuous use and unrestricted mobility of both hands, feet, arms and legs, head, neck, shoulders, and back. Prolonged sitting, physical and mental fatigue, stress associated with concern for personal safety in poor weather and road conditions.

2.       Normal range of hearing and vision, with or without corrective aides.

3.       Prolonged sitting with regular movement of hands, wrist, and arms to complete repetitive and independent tasks requiring manual dexterity sufficient to type and grip, grasp, hold, push and pull objects.

4.       Regular twisting, turning, bending, reaching and stretching of head, neck, shoulders and torso at body level; occasional reaching above or below. Occasional walking bending, kneeling, squatting and climbing stairs as facility requires. Occasional lifting up to 40 pounds.

5.       Mental demands include stress associated with organizing work duties, multi-tasking and meeting deadlines, frequent changes in procedures and priorities. Must maintain calm, professional and respectful of others in stressful situations.

6.       Occasional contact with contagious diseases, bloodborne pathogens; blood and bodily fluids.



1.       This position description details an overview of the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of the position. It should not be considered an exhaustive list of all expectations of the position; additional duties and responsibilities may be added or changed as appropriate to meet the needs of the corporation, program, or department.

2.       This position description is not a contract for employment; Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is an Employer at Will and as such either party may terminate employment at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all.

3.       I have read and understand the essential functions and expectations of the position.  I have had the opportunity to ask questions and attest that I can perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation.