Head Start, Child & Family Programs Director

Location: Crookston, MN

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Region: Northwest

Full Job Description: SUMMARY OF PRIMARY FUNCTION The Head Start, Child & Family Programs Director has the primary responsibility for coordinating, assuring effective implementation and evaluation of services designed to meet the needs of children and families participating in Head Start, Child and Family Programs.  This is performed under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and in line with Tri-Valley’s philosophy, mission, and goals. This position also markets, promotes and represents Tri-Valley's programs and services within the Head Start community.  High-stressed position requiring successful oversight and management of multiple demands and deadlines, making sound decisions that can have significant consequences affecting program operations, legal liability, and Tri-Valley employees. As a member of the Tri-Valley Management Team, ensures transparent communication and collaboration with others to reach sound business decisions that support optimal program services, work environment, and stewards of program funding. Helps recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Programmatic Oversight Understands and makes judgment calls regarding major programs; Head Start/Early Head Start, Migrant & Seasonal Head Start/Early Head Start, MN State Head Start/Early Head Start, MN Migrant Child Care, MN & ND Migrant Education. Assures that the program has systems, policies and procedures to comply with all Head Start Performance Standards and MN & ND state licensing regulations. Assures that the program maintains the level of quality consistent with the expectations of the Policy Council, the Board of Directors and the funding sources. Represents Head Start on the agency Management Team, at Board of Directors meetings and at other meetings as assigned or agreed to by the Chief Executive Officer. Assesses community needs, strengths and demographic data. Visualizes service opportunities and works with parents and staff to develop service plans in order to meet needs. Conducts scheduled team and extended team meetings. Oversees self-assessment and strategic planning process. Develops and implements budgeting system which supports program operations. Programmatic Leadership Creates the vision and provides leadership for the Head Start, Child & Family Programs. Coordinates planning and evaluations to facilitate progress towards the vision. Develops problem-solving strategies for the operation and improvement of the program. Represents the Head Start Program and the agency in the community and with other agencies. Coordinates planning and development with all Head Start service areas to achieve a comprehensive integrated program. Involves parent representatives and center staff in planning and development. Assures accurate reporting to funding sources. Serves as a resource to service locations to advocate, medicate, facilitate problem solving and exercise professional judgment as needed. Facilitates and coordinates the Head Start Management Team in policy and decision making. Facilitates and coordinates both Region V and Region XII Policy Councils and decision making.  Public Relations and Collaborative Efforts Reads and comprehends all major collaborative contracts and/or agreements. Understands the philosophy and funding structure of all major collaborative partners. Represents Tri-Valley in establishing and/or maintaining major collaborative efforts that support services that meet the needs of children and families served. Participates in meetings, training, and committees that afford opportunities to enhance existing collaborative partnerships or to create new collaborative partnerships. Creates internal and external public relations mechanisms. Program Management Understands Tri-Valley’s fiscal and personnel systems. Prepares funding applications and negotiates contracts and agreements. Develops budgets, which support program service delivery. Maintains awareness of potential funding opportunities. Establishes an organizational structure and program culture, which supports and enhances the delivery of appropriate, quality service to children and families. Establishes and monitors program systems including communication, planning, monitoring, and evaluation which assure quality services. Establishes and maintains a working relationship with Policy Council members to assure maximum feasible involvement; clarity of role, and decision-making timelines which supports the delivery of services. Promotes effective operations and fiscal management of the Head Start sites. Develops and maintains procurement authorization charts. Supervisor and Leadership Ensures quality services are provided by their staff; provides comprehensive training on duties, responsibilities and expectations of the position; offering continued support, guidance and resources as needed to be successful. Monitors staff performance, providing positive and negative feedback in a timely manner. Conducts annual performance appraisals, supports staff in defining and meeting goals and professional development needs. Addresses performance concerns in a timely manner, holding staff accountable for their actions. Offers constructive feedback, clear expectations, and necessary support to promote a positive outcome. Seeks assistance from management and the Human Resources Director as needed to ensure staff are given sufficient support in meeting the expectations of their position. Communicates and enforces the expectation of a professional and positive work environment, treating everyone with respect. Leading by example, energizes and encourages staff to commit to excellence; empowering them to succeed, making each day a positive experience for themselves and others. Provides solid, unified, positive leadership for staff in times of challenge or change; displaying support and confidence, adapting priorities and focus as needed. Effectively plans short and long term goals for success; personally and for the work group. Effectively manages multiple projects, commitments, and the work produced by staff; ensuring deadlines are met and quality of work meets expectations. Ensures a safe, positive and productive work environment is provided to staff. 

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