Head Start Teacher

Location: Warroad, MN

Job Type: Teacher

Job Region: Minnesota

Full Job Description: JOB DESCRIPTION PC Approved: __6-7-21_____ POSITION TITLE: Head Start Teacher POSITION SALARY: $20-25 /hour POSITION BENEFITS: Pro-rata agency paid single health insurance if working 1248 hrs, 4% retirement match after 6 months POSITION CLASSIFICATION: Part Time B, Non-Exempt ACCOUNTABLE TO: Head Start/Early Head Start Director and Head Start Education Manager QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or other related field preferred; or an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood or other related field, along with experience working with preschool children and their families. Possess or willing to obtain Family Service Credential or equivalent if responsible for Family Partnership Agreements. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES OF THE POSITION: The Head Start Child and Family Teacher will develop and implement a comprehensive program for preschool children. The teacher will provide education and support for the families. The teacher will educate the parents in their role as the primary educator of their child. MAJOR AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: • Responsible for the initial recruitment information of children in to the Head Start Program. • Assess needs of each child and family. • Report home and family needs to appropriate staff. • Assist in keeping family dental and medical information updated with appropriate manager. • Assist parent through the process of completing their Family Partnership Agreement including identifying and setting goals. • Assist in providing resource and referral services for families’ identified needs. • Provide education and support for families needs. • Maintains continued, purposeful contacts with families to ascertain progress in solutions to their individual problems. • Assist in providing for early identification of special learning needs, and refers these needs to the appropriate people or agencies. • Encourage greater family involvement in the education of the child. • Responsible for the input of daily attendance in Child Plus. • To ensure that the children are able to develop phonemic, print, and numeracy awareness, understand and use language to communicate for various purposes, and understand and use increasing complex and varied vocabulary. • Provide resources for the total physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of each child. • Work and cooperate with parents to help them to become teachers of their children and develop a positive self-image for parent and child. • Must encourage parents to volunteer to assist at centers. • Encourage participation in Head Start by interested community members. • Arrange for parent meetings, field trips, snacks, and parent volunteer schedule in conjunction with the parents. • Develop daily lesson plans that implement the curriculum to fidelity in the classroom and on home visits. • Complete assessment three times a year for each child and plan center activities based on data compiled. • Evaluate daily activities; reports on weekly, quarterly, and final progress of work with each child. • Provide on-going training and supervision to volunteers and paraprofessionals, always remembering to make them feel worthwhile and valuable. • Provide newsletters to parents with news and updates from Center. • Portray a professional image that is worthy of imitation and stimulates para-professionals on to higher goals. • Ensure each child’s safety while children are in our care. • CACFP duties listed as: Responsible for Child and Adult Care Food Program duties including food record management, and monitoring. • Adhere to the agency’s policy concerning data privacy. • Keep immediate supervisor informed of all problems, unusual or extraordinary matters of significance coming to his/her attention so that prompt corrective action can be taken where appropriate. • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor. REQUIREMENTS: • Must meet the requirements of background checks as described in 1302.9b of the Head Start Performance Standards. • Must maintain a professional atmosphere within the working environment with Head Start/Early Head Start and school staff. • Must be able to complete the written paperwork within the required time lines. • Must be able to lift 10 lbs. frequently and 10 to 50 lbs. occasionally. • Must be able to attend out-of-town overnight meetings occasionally. • Must be a sensitive and mature individual, who is able to relate well to both children and adults. • Must be neat and well groomed. • Must be able to speak and write effectively. • Must be able to create an environment that is conducive to learning both in home visit and center activities. • Must possess a desire and willingness to improve professionally. • Must be willing to fulfill his/her responsibilities in accordance with the program’s basic philosophy and goals. • Must be able to provide own transportation and live in the general area of the families to be served. • Must possess the ability to work with the low income population. • Must possess the abilities to relate to parents. • Must be dedicated to the basic philosophy and goals of the Head Start Program. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

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