Infant Assistant Teacher

Location: Saint Paul, MN 55104

Job Type: Eduaction/Teaching

Job Region: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Full Job Description: Essential Functions (Not All Inclusive): -Provides comprehensive services for children 6 weeks to 16 months of age maintaining compliance of the program’s guidelines and performance standards (including MN Rule 3, Child & Adult Care Food Program), and strictly adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics when working with children, parents and peers. -Responsible for a primary care group of 2-4 children acting as the primary caregiver for this group of children, including caregiving activities (feeding and diapering), building secure and trusting relationships with children and families, documenting daily activities of children, developing child-level goals, and completing ongoing observations and assessment of children. -Actively engages in developmentally appropriate classroom activities, such as child-directed free play, caregiving routines, and floor play. This includes formula preparation and diaper changing. -Presents results of the program’s assessment tool to parents in a manner that is easy to understand during parent-teacher conference, home visits, and upon request. Assists parents with developing individualized strategies in order to continue curriculum learning in the home. -Closely partners with families to build relationships and ensure smooth transitions between home and classroom. This includes daily written communication provided to families regarding the child’s day, which must include successes, challenges, classroom routines, and self-care (e.g., diapering, napping, and meal consumption, etc.). -Promotes parent participation in all areas of the Head Start Program. Communicates opportunities such as volunteer opportunities in the classroom, center meetings, family events, parent education opportunities, community events/ resources, Policy Council, and Advisory committees. -Teaches and develops children’s social emotional skills using evidence-based strategies to teach, model, and reinforce positive behaviors. Assistant Teachers will assist in producing a material-rich environment to stimulate social interactions among children, including predictable and consistent routines, rules and social expectations. Materials will prioritize and promote social emotional health, provide language on resolving conflicts, provide opportunities to share and take turns, and opportunities to practice and implement what they have learned. -Undergoes annual classroom observations (CLASS) that measure effective teacher and child interactions, providing useful data to drive improvement. Observation scores must meet federal established guidelines. -Undergoes annual classroom observations (CLASS) that measure effective teacher and child interactions, providing useful data to drive improvement. Observation scores must meet federal established guidelines. -Other duties as assigned

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Salary (optional): Pursing AA or CDA:$19.60/hr - $21.55/hr or $20.07/hr - $22.09/hr (Bilingual) Awarded AA or CDA:$20.82/hr - $22.90/hr or $21.32/hr - $23.45/hr (Bilingual)

Job Summary (optional): Job Summary: Under the supervision of the Center Education Coordinator or Assistant Center Education Coordinator, this position is responsible for providing comprehensive early childhood services in compliance with program guidelines, policies and procedures. The Infant Assistant Teacher is responsible for integrating the curriculum in the classroom by creating lesson plans and developing individual child goals to meet the needs of children, including observing, assessing, and documenting children’s progress. In addition, the Infant Assistant Teacher is responsible for maintaining active supervision of children and providing ongoing communication with parents, including during home visits, at parent-teacher conferences, in written daily activities sheets, and at other program sponsored events.

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Closing date: 8/14/2023


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