Preschool Teacher Assistant

Location: Saint Paul, MN 55104

Job Type: Eduaction/Teaching

Job Region: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Full Job Description: Essential Functions (Not All Inclusive): -Assists with providing comprehensive services for children aged birth to three and/or three to five years of age. -Maintains awareness of the developmental level of all children in the classroom, continually supervising and interacting with children. -Assists with designing a safe and attractive learning environment. -Assists with daily inspection of the center, classroom and playground daily, ensuring that materials and equipment are safe. -Assists in implementing Head Starts’ approved curricula by writing detailed and comprehensive lesson plans which include goals to achieve measurable outcomes in each curriculum area. -Assists in promoting parent participation in all areas of the Program. -Strictly adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics when working with children, parents and peers. -Assists with coordinating the Head Start classroom environment by integrating information and services from all Head Start Service areas and community partners. -Assists with implementing developmental assessments, child observations, anecdotal records, and other relevant information to share with the team. -Maintains a thorough understanding of Rule 3 Licensing Guidelines, all relevant Health and Safety regulations, Federal Head Start Performance Standards, principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP), and established agency policies and procedures. -Is an active participant in center, agency and community meetings, and participates in classroom team meetings.

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Salary (optional): Pursing AA or CDA: $19.60/hr - $21.55/hr or $20.07/hr - $22.09/hr (Bilingual) Awarded AA or CDA: $20.82/hr - $22.90/hr or $21.32/hr - $23.45/hr (Bilingual)

Job Summary (optional): types of classroom activities such as providing services in compliance with program guidelines, policies and procedures, implementing developmental assessments, maintaining active supervision of children, assisting teachers with preparing lesson plans, promoting parent participation, and assessing/screening children's learning.

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Closing date: 08/14/2023


Company name: Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties

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