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Full Job Description: Job Title: Teacher/Family Advocate (3-5 year old) Exemption Status: Exempt Job Specifications Factor Level EDUCATION B.A./B.S./B.E.S Degree in Early Childhood Ed or related field preferred A.A. Degree in Early Childhood Ed or related field required JOB RELATED EXPERIENCE 2 years preferred SUPERVISION GIVEN 2-4 FTE SUPERVISION RECEIVED Early Childhood Education Coordinator WAGE RANGE “AA” $38,722 - $52,500 WAGE RANGE “BA, BS, BES” $45,003 - $59,911 BENEFITS “All” with a regular schedule of 30+ hours/week Job Summary: The Teacher/Family Advocate is responsible for providing a safe, nurturing, enriched, developmentally appropriate environment for Head Start children and their families. In addition, he/she is responsible for acting on behalf of Head Start families and working with them to address their social service needs, identify strengths and set/accomplish goals. Essential Functions and Duties: 1. Implements and maintains a Center Based program for Head Start children in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards and the Department of Human Services. 2. Plans and implements appropriate curriculum to comply with Head Start Performance Standards. 3. Models personal characteristics, which facilitate effective teacher performance and provides for continued individual and professional growth. 4. Supervises Bus Aide/Early Childhood Assistants or Early Childhood Assistants or Bus Drivers and may participate in the hiring process for these positions. Supervises volunteers, Foster Grandparents and interns and works with related organizations. 5. Works cooperatively with Reach-Up Inc. staff and school district personnel to ensure a well-run Program that includes all program area facets. 6. Maintains up-to-date files, which includes individual program plans. 7. Facilitates communication with families and staff by completing necessary documentation. 8. Develops engaging parent and family activities to encourage their involvement in the Head Start program. 9. Maintains a positive work environment by performing and communicating in a professional manner with children, families, co-workers and supervisors. 10. Works with assigned families to identify strengths and needs. Makes referrals to appropriate social services entities and educational opportunities, and offer Transition services to current Head Start families. 11. Works with Reach-Up Inc. staff to ensure well-coordinated programs and appropriate sharing of information. 12. Works with community agencies on behalf of families to ensure an understanding of their strengths and needs. 13. Respects, insures, and follows equal opportunity standards required by Reach-Up Inc.'s Affirmative Action Plan. 14. Demonstrates confidentiality in all matters. 15. Maintains a safe workplace and fosters a culture of attention to health and safety. 16. Recruits families for Reach-Up Inc. programs throughout the year. Reach-Up reserves the right to assign other duties as necessary. Essential Interpersonal Skills: 1. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships and communication with staff, employees of other agencies, and families. 2. Demonstrates ability to work effectively with diverse populations of staff, students, and parents. 3. Demonstrates respect for the basic dignity of students, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents. 4. Supports and adapts to change and demonstrate commitment to continuous performance improvement. Non-Essential Functions and Duties: 1. Transports families to appointments and other activities, as needed and appropriate. 2. Performs general clerical functions. Skills and Education: 1. B.A./B.S./B.E.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field. 2. Knowledge of and the ability to apply Early Childhood principles. Ability to work effectively with groups of children 3. Ability to work independently, communicate effectively, solve problems, and deal with emergencies 4. Supervisory and organizational skills 5. Ability to work effectively as a member of the Center Based team 6. First Aid/CPR certification 7. Ability to furnish own means of transportation with 100,000/300,000 liability limits for bodily injury, underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist. Tools and Materials Used: The manual dexterity to operate typical office equipment and a vehicle. Physical Demands: Physical ability and psychological competence to meet the needs of the children. The physical dexterity necessary to use a computer. The ability to work accurately with numbers, communicate verbally, attend a workshop and drive a vehicle.

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