Minnesota Head Start Association Coordinator of Membership Services and Professional Development

  • Minnesota
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  • Salary: Please contact executivedirector@mnheadstart.org

Minnesota Head Start Association

POSITION: Coordinator of Membership Services and Professional Development

REPORTS TO: The Executive Director


Job summary: This position requires attention to the details associated with the coordination of MHSA Training events and Membership Services. Work in this position focuses on providing timely, high quality training at MHSA events and portraying MHSA positively to members and to the larger early childhood community. Work in this position requires an understanding of adult learning processes and needs; sound training principles and workshop design, evaluation processes, survey processes, and other related research areas. The other focus of this position is on retaining members and getting new members involved and the management of membership activities and member service programs.  This position requires knowledge of computer programs designed to assist in the final work product.

Major responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:


  1. MHSA Training Development
  2. Utilize available means to determine training needs including written data, member input and local, state and national trends. Ensure that whatever methodology is used, each individual program is surveyed annually.
  3. Work closely with Executive Director to develop and finalize meaningful and creative training agendas.
  4. Coordinate the distribution of Association mailings.
  5. Coordinate Learning Communities, assisting in planning meetings and utilize membership expertise when planning training.
  6. Develop and maintain a resource file of trainers, including name, address, phone number, area of expertise, topics available to present and a summary of evaluations of previous trainings presented for the Association.
  7. Negotiate and finalize, with Executive Director approval, contracts with trainers as needed.
  8. Ensure that trainers receive appropriate forms to sign and that presenters receive all materials necessary for training as arranged with MHSA.
  9. Ensure that all details of training have been attended to including appropriate room assignments, hotel arrangements and audio-visual arrangements.
  10. Attend MHSA training events to assure that the needs of trainers are met and that MHSA procedures are followed regarding evaluations, attendance forms, etc.
  11. Maintain records of training events, evaluations, etc.
  12. Annually conduct a thorough needs assessment throughout the Early Head Start/Head Start community including gathering information from partners.
  13. Collaborate with other groups to determine the training needs of the Early Childhood Education community.
  14. Investigate and pursue opportunities to provide training for Early Head Start/Head Start and other providers in concert with the broader early childhood community.
  15. Ensure when appropriate that MHSA training is tied to Achieve when possible.
  16. Build networks among the Head Start and Early Head Start learning community
  17. Work with the Executive Director to leverage OHS Regional Office, National Centers, and T and TA training opportunities for MHSA members.
  18. MHSA Membership Services:
  19. Develop and manage processes for regularly identifying and analyzing member needs and recommend revisions in the programs accordingly so as to render increasing improved service and assistance that will make membership more valuable.
  20. Encourage and promote the benefits of the MHSA to members.
  21. Develop and manage process for member feedback on programs and services.
  22. Ensure ongoing communication with membership by establishing and maintaining data bases and updating as needed for efficient communication with Head Start and Early Head Start programs, directors, staff, parents and friends/partners.
  23. Support membership networking opportunities.
  24. Assist in developing new programs that will assure the retention of members.
  25. Notify members of scholarship and award opportunities, establish timelines, work with the Awards and Scholarship Committee to review applications, inform selected candidates, inform candidates who were not selected, develop certificates/awards, etc.
  26. Locate and negotiate contracts for sites for events such as the Parent Training Conference, Head Start Hero’s, etc. with approval of the Executive Director.
  27. MHSA Representation
  28. Represent MHSA at national, regional, and state meetings related to training issues, cutting edge efforts which might affect MHSA business and operations, when requested.
  29. Seek out and initiate partnerships to support the EHS/HS community
  30. Assist in Social Media activities to promote EHS/HS and MHSA


  1. Other
  2. Assist with other duties as defined and/or requested by the MHSA Executive Director when additional work is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Association.

ACCOUNTABILITIES: The employee fulfilling this job is accountable to the Executive Director for completion of assignments and to the high standards of accuracy, attention to detail, and timely completion of work. Expectations include: a pleasant and professional demeanor, a positive attitude and a willing spirit. The employee must also be willing to engage in professional development efforts as available to the position and requested by the supervisor.


Effort: The employee fulfilling this job, must be able to lift 50 pounds, climb a flight of stairs several times daily. Must be able to see detailed information on machinery such as copiers, fax machines, postal meters, computer screens, etc.

Skills: The employee fulfilling this job must possess high cognitive skills, problem solving skills, and high organizational skills. Employee must be creative, able to work independently from direct supervision and show competence in a wide range of applicable work skills and work habits. The employee must possess computer skills with a high level of understanding and functioning in desktop publishing, word processing and web site development.

Other: The employee must be free to travel overnight on several occasions during the year and must have a valid driver’s license and access to and use of a reliable automobile.

January 2021