Voter Information

Working with your child’s teacher is not the only way you can make a difference in their education and being ready for school. 

Believe it or not, VOTING can help make a difference.  You have an opportunity to choose our leaders – those leaders make decisions every day on things that affect you and your family.  You can vote for leaders that will change how you are taxed, what services are provided, and much more.

Your vote can help determine the services for early childhood programs like Head Start & Early Head Start.

Contact your current legislators to let them know what you want them to support…click here to find out how to contact your legislators.

Are you registered to vote?  Did you know you need to register in advance or at the poll in order to vote?  

Frequently Asked Questions about voting, elections, and where my polling place is:

When is the next election?
Where do I go to vote?
What are the voting hours?
Where can I learn more about Early Learning issues at the polls?
What is on the ballot?
How do I vote?
Who can vote?
Do I have to vote in person?
What ID do I need to vote?
Am I registered to vote?
How do elections work?
Tips for new voters

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